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QUASI'S FURRY PAGE Hello, and welcome to my Furry Page. I'll try and relate to you how and why I became a Fur, and give links for you to follow.

Disclaimer: Everything written or shown on this page is of my opinion, and mine alone. If you don't agree with it, I'll raise my tail towards you, and spray you until you do!

Just remember: When Life is cruel, just lift up your tail and give it right back!



Simple (sorta). We are those within the population who:

We attend conventions, donate time, money and effort to animal causes, and love to play computer games. We generally have a great time when we meet.

We are artists, writers, composers, computer programmers, Mechanical Designers (shameless plug, I know), students, etc. In other words, we are greatly diverse, and just as diverse why we furred. There are no correct answers, animal totems, or jobs that Furries can have, we are just who we are.

I did find this leaflet at C-ACE in 2004. They had no copywrites on them, nor did anyone know who wrote it. But it does a GREAT job explaining what Furry is. It was originaly a tri-fold, but due to the miracles of Modern Computer Technology, I have them scanned and laid flat in 2 files:

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Note: If ANYONE knows who wrote these, please tell me, so I can give credit! And if the author does not wish for me to link to them, again, please let me know!

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Thank You, RumblePurr!

Thank you, RumblePurr!


A few years ago, I found myself lacking in self-esteem, and had found many uncertainties within my innermost feelings--why am I who I am, how can I control my awful temper, why am I so shy etc. So, like many people do, I searched the Internet for answers.

It took 2 years of searching before I finally found the answer--I had an animal spirit within me. Animals are kind, know what they are supposed to do in their lifetime, and have the unfailing ability to do the right thing. They are independent, trustworthy, and dependable too. But which animal was I? That was another period of soul-searching. Interestingly enough, the answer came to me as I was looking for a costume to wear at my office's Halloween party.

In the store, I was looking at the animal costumes, and I saw a Skunk costume. I looked at a few others, but I could not get the skunksuit out of my mind--each time I looked a it, I was drawn closer to it. So, was that what I was--a skunk? I rented the costume, and took it home to put it on.

What happened next could only be called a revelation. As soon as I had the fursuit on, and placed the head over mine, I finally felt complete. I ran to a mirror, and saw myself for the first time ever. Not a human in a cheap costume, but as I really was--a furry animal--a skunk! I started to cry as I realized that I was transformed into my real self.

At the Halloween parade the next day, I went to put it on again, and was so overwhelmed by the feelings again, that I didn't want to take it off. After the parade, I left it on, and went back to work on my project; I got more work done then than I had all week! I tried to leave it on for the whole day, but I had to work for a while in the Machine Shop to make a part, so I had to remove it for safety's sake. I even had it on as our department received a computer virus, and helped the IS guys to control it! A skunk running around de-programming and fixing CAD workstations is a very funny sight!

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Good question. Why not a popular animal, like a Fox, Husky, Wolf, or Dragon? As I researched deeper into the habits of the wild skunk, I found that, like me, they are shy, unwilling to fight, curious, quiet, and love to eat sweets. Skunks have been regarded by Humans as the bane of urban communities--nobody likes them. They have few friends in the world, and few enemies, but are well respected among other animals. The same characteristics as my Human self. A perfect match, if you will.
There is a short explanation here of how a Skunk spirit is guiding me, and here is a longer one. Both fit me very closely.

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Heh heh..Quasi is the nickname that I got from my co-workers, because they had a hard time with my RL name; even my customers know me as Quasi! It turned out that its perfect for my Furry name, as I am anthropomorphic (I have Human-like characteristics). I am comfortable on 2 as well as 4 legs, and I speak fluent Human English, as well as Skunk and Feline. I don't like this form, but it does help a little bit in the Human world to look somewhat like them...

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It helped me control my considerable temper (I would fly off the handle for every little thing, yelling and screaming). I am also not as shy as I used to be. And I have some of the kindest, most considerate friends (furriends) now. My life is more complete; I have fun going to furmeets--its way more fun than just hanging around doing nothing. I volunteer and do charity work, and I have a great family that has accepted me for who I am, without judging me.

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My warmest, greatest, and most heartfelt Thank Yous go out to the following Furs; those that have welcomed me into their community with open paws: R. C. Rabbitsfoot, Rama, Exile, SnowKitty, JessK, TPF (my wonderful Owner), Lycan Tymbre Taris, Liontaris, Jutland Claymore , Learwolf, B.J. Buttons, Eddie Canis, Evil! Andy, Cloud Tamer, Tempesta, Innerwolf, Kodian, Hartree Fox, Mirko, Artemis, Pakrat, Jason Foxworthy. Big Skunkie Hugs and Skritches to all of you :)

And special Thanks go out to Tyger Cowboy and SpikedPunch, for showing me the true meaning of Furry and Fursuiting, and for introducing me to so many other Furs. Thank you for welcoming me into your homes, and your hearts. I will never be able to thank you enough for the kindness and help you have given me.

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More to come! Keep watching this space for more cool pics!